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林教授二十四歲任教哈佛,后應邀擔任休士頓貝勒醫學院眼科教授及生物科技研究中心院長。一九八五年創立美國德州首間生物科技公司並於一九八八年在美國上市,被譽為德州生物科技之父,同年應邀任香港生物研究院創建院長。一九八九年,林教授獲頒美國高科技企業大獎和美國總統勳章,並獲邀為美國總統藝術人文委員會委員。一九九一年,林教授獲選為亞洲協會風雲人物。一九九三年創立美國生達醫藥集團,開發了DrD系列健髮產品、生達系列健康食品及Dr. Dominic系列美容護膚產品等。

Professor Dominic Man-Kit Lam was Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School at age 24 before becoming Professor of ophthalmology and the Founding Director of Center for Biotechnology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. In 1985, Lam started the first biotechnology company in Texas and subsequently took it to public in U.S. and was named the Father of Texas Biotechnology. In 1988, Lam became the Founding Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology. In 1989, Lam received the U.S. High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Presidential Medal of Merit from President Bush, Lam was also appointed Member of President Bush’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. In 1991, Lam received the Asia Society “Man of the Year” Annual Award. Lam founded LifeTech Group in 1993, and developed DrD Anti-Hair-Loss products, LifeTech health food products and Dr.Dominic Skin Care and Beauty products.