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林教授十六歲往加拿大及美國進修,六年內獲得數學學士、理論物理碩士及醫學生物物理博士。繼而深造于美國哈佛大學醫學院,師從兩位諾貝爾醫學獎得主韋素和許博教授從事眼科研究。曾任休士頓貝勒醫學院眼科教授及生物科技研究中心院長及香港生物研究院創建院長。林教授於1997年底回歸香港。林教授三十年來的科技成果包括一百多篇文獻,其中7篇發表於英國『自然』雜誌 (Nature),9篇於『美國科學院院刊』(PNAS), 2篇於『美國科學家月刊』(Scientific American),並編著5本眼科與腦科書藉,及獲得17項國際專利。在生物醫學科技,特別是眼科、腦科與轉基因疫苗的研究上取得非常重要的成就。二零零一年,林文傑之專利「口服植物疫苗」(美國專利6136320號)榮獲美國麻省理工學院 (MIT) 選為「五個將會改變世界企業與科技的專利」之一,該專利亦被美國時代雜誌選為二十一世紀最重要的十項進步之一。

Professor Dominic Man-Kit Lam went to U.S.A. & Canada for further study at 16 and obtained BSc (Hon) in Mathematics (Lakehead), MSc in Physics (UBC) and PhD in Medical Biophysics (Toronto) within six years, studied under Nobelists Professors Torsten Wiesel and David Hubel at Harvard Medical School for postdoctoral training at age 22. Dr. Lam had been Professor of ophthalmology and the Founding Director of Center for Biotechnology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and the Founding Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology. In 1997, Lam came back to Hong Kong. Professor Lam is the author of over 100 research articles, including 7 papers published in Nature, 9 papers in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) and 2 papers in Scientific American, 5 books published by MIT Press, as well as over 17 international patents on novel technologies, medicines and vaccines. In 2001, Lam’s patent on “Edible Vaccine” was named by MIT as one of the “five most important patents that will transform business and technology” and by Time Magazine as one of ten most important developments for the 21st century.